What is this?

This is an OCaml port to AIX (PPC). The support for AIX from INRIA was dropped. The 4.00.1 port is the last one, which I can provide. Don't expect updates anymore from me.

See also OCaml for HP-UX port.

Latest Port of OCaml 4.00.1

Please download ocaml-4.00.1-aix.tar.bz2.

Older Port of OCaml 3.12.1

Please download ocaml-3.12.1-aix.tar.bz2.


Here are some notes how to install OCaml on your AIX machine.

DO NOT RUN ./configure.

Please edit config/Makefile and adjust the PREFIX variable.

Check also config/s.h for correct OCAML_STDLIB_DIR.

Set LIBPATH to /path/to/extracted/sources/byterun.

This tar-file doesn't contain the compiled object code. You have to compile everyting by running:

  $ make clean
  $ make world.opt
  $ make install


Christoph (dot) Bauer (at) lmsintl (dot) com (Replace (dot) by . and (at) by @ and remove all spaces.)


Many thanks to Xavier Leroy for supporting this port.
Accounting for shared gifts: geschenker.net.